Park Hotel Villa Carpenada Belluno (Italy)



Despite being only 5 minutes away from the train station and the city centre, Park Hotel Villa Carpenada is surrounded by a large green area. An important landmark to remember in order to reach the villa is the city hospital.

If you are taking the road from Belluno to Feltre, you should pass the hospital and go straight on until you see a church on your right. After the church you should turn right, following the roadsign's indications that will lead you straight to the villa. If you are coming from the opposite direction (Feltre-Belluno), you will find a roundabout right after the city roadsign; you should pass it going out at the second exit, then go straight on until you see the hotel's roadsign; turn left, and after a short uphill road you will reach the villa.

Distances from the main industrial cities:

Limana 8 km • Longarone 18 km • Agordo 27 km • Sedico 7 km • Feltre 28 km • Trichiana 14 km • Pieve d’Alpago 16 km - Autostrada uscita Belluno Sud 13 km

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